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Snitterfield deeds: Phillips of Welcombe


Indenture of Assignment between George Hibbert the younger of Portland place, Middlesex, esquire of the 1st part, Edward Jarman of Albany, Piccadilly, Middlesex, esquire of the 2nd part, Robert Philips of the Park, Prestwich, Lancashire, esquire of the 3rd part and John Burton Philips of Heath House, Staffordshire, esquire (a Trustee nominated on behalf of Robert Philips) of the 4th part whereby George Hibbert by the direction of Edward Jarman and in consideration of 10/- to him paid by John Burton Philips assigned to John Burton Philips his Executors and Assignees the residue of the three terms of 500 years referred to in DR38/167 in trust for Robert Philips his appointees and assigns to attend upon the inheritance. Signed: George Hibbert junior, Edward Jarman and Robert Philips. Seals the 1st and 3rd, a man's head, the 2nd (of Edward Jarman) a dog sejant crowned. Witnesses: Joseph Hinchcliffe clerk to Messrs. Philips, Wood Co., Henry Mackenzie, clerk to Messrs. Hibbert, Billiter Court, London, E. R. Fayerman, clerk to Mr. J. H. Markland, Temple and Edward Oates, Furnival's Inn, London.