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Snitterfield deeds: Phillips of Welcombe


Indentures of Lease and Release, the Release dated the 16th July 1743 between John Palmer of the Middle Temple, London, esquire of the 1st part, William Smith of Warwick, esquire of the 2nd part, Finetta Holbech of Warwick, spinster of the 3rd part and William Holbech of Farnborough, esquire and Hugh Holbech of Mollington, Oxfordshire, esquire of the 4th part whereby the mortgage term of 1000 years in the property described in DR38/175 was assigned by William Smith to Finetta Holbech in consideration of £2167 paid by Finetta Holbech to William Smith, subject to a proviso for redemption and the said John Palmer further mortgaged (by the security of the mortgage term of 1000 years) the same property to Finetta Holbech for a further £133, and John Palmer in consideration of 5/- from William Holbech and Hugh Holbech to him paid, conveyed the legal estate to them in trust for Finetta Holbech for a term of 1000 years to secure £2300 subject to a proviso for redemption and thereafter for John Palmer and his heirs for ever. Signed: John Palmer and William Smith. Seal, Grecian's head. Witnesses: James Wright and Bridget Harvey. Lease dated 15th July 1743 by John Palmer to William and Hugh Holbech of the same property for one year. Signed: John Palmer. Sealed and witnessed as before.

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    15 Jul 1743-16 Jul 1743

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