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Snitterfield deeds: Phillips of Welcombe


Indenture dated 28th January 1797 between Robert Harvey Mallory of Woodcote, esquire (brother and heir at law of John Mallory ,theretofore of Warwick but late of the Island of Grenada in the West Indies, Major in H. M. 29th Regiment of Foot, deceased) of one part and Richard Smith of Snitterfield, gentleman of the other part whereby Richard Smith covenanted with Robert Harvey Mallory, as proprietor of the property described in DR38/203-204, purchased by him of John Mallory (see DR38/203-204) would at all times discharge the several sums of £1-0-51/4, £4-10-61/4, £6-7-51/4 being the parts of a quit rent of £2-11-4 and tithe rent charge of £9-9-0 and Land Tax of £16 respectively (formerly payable out of the whole 309 acres described in DR38/175 DR38/200) awarded by referees as payable by Richard Smith in respect of the 106 acres sold to him by Indentures dated 2nd 3rd July 1793 by John Mallory (being part of the 309 acres described in DR38/175 DR38/200). Signed: Robert Mallory. Seal, crest with lion rampant. Witnesses: John Checketts and John Bohum Smyth.