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Tanworth, Monkspath in


Gift from William, earl of Warwick to Roger de Ulehale for homage and service, of the land and woodland extending from the ford of Munchespethe up next (sursum iuxta) the River Blia as far as the bounds called la Merewei, and thence to Betleswortham, and from Betleswortha as far as the bounds of John de Limesi as far as Totlesmos, and from the said bounds to the highway from Burmingham, and from the said highway to said ford of Munchespethe; with the further grant of anything which the grantor held in Beteleswortha and the tenement which Richard senior and Richard junior held of the grantor and the land which Fulquin held in Ombreslete: to hold the same for the service of a fourth part of a knight's fee. Witnesses: Nicholas parson of Tadecast' [Tadcaster, co. Yorks.], Master T[homas] de Claravallae, M[aud] the countess, Henry brother of the earl, Gilbert Giffart, Walter son of Gerard, William clerk of the earl, Master Adam clerk of the earl, Simon de Cam[vill], Nicholas de Wille, Wilethin, H. de Ulehala, Roger son of Ivo and many others. Tag, seal lost. Latin, parchment, 6 x 31/4 ins.