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Snitterfield deeds: Phillips of Welcombe


Indenture dated 31st July 1865 between Richard Smith, the younger of Snitterfield, gentleman of the 1st part, Henry Smith of the same place, gentleman (father of the said Richard Smith) of the 2nd part, Richard Child Heath of Warwick, gentleman of the 3rd part, Henry Smith of the 4th part and James Charles Harris of Warwick, gentleman of the 5th part. {Reciting the Will of Richard Smith the elder whereby the Rectorial Tithes on 346 acres, 2 roods and 5 perches (more particularly set out in DR38/228) were limited to his son Henry Smith for life with remainder in tail male to Richard Smith the younger and that in 1841 such tithes were commuted to an annual rent charge of £18-10-0 (see DR38/228)} it was thereby witnessed that the said estate tail of Richard Smith the younger was granted to Richard Child Heath and thereby disentailed to the use of Henry Smith in Fee Simple. Signed; Richard Smith, Henry Smith, Richard Charles Heath and James Charles Harris. Seal, letter H. Witness: William Crowther Umbers solicitor Wolverhampton.