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Snitterfield deeds: Phillips of Welcombe


Indenture dated 22nd July 1867 between the Reverend William Stephens of Wednesfield, Staffordshire, clerk and John Edward Bealey of Bloxwich, Straffordshire, gentleman of the 1st part, Edward Davies of Woundale, Claverly, Shropshire, farmer of the 2nd part, Richard Smith of Snitterfield, gentleman of the 3rd part and John Parks of Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, esquire of the 4th part whereby the Mortgages for £4000 and £1500 described in DR38/222, DR38/224 DR38/225 in property referred to in DR38/221 and described in DR38/222-DR38/225 were transferred by William Stephens, John Edward Bealey and Edward Davies to John Parks, which said John Parks advanced a further sum of £1500 to Richard Smith (making a total mortgage debt due to the said John Parks of £7000). Schedule attached. Signed William Stephens, John Edward Bealey, Edward Davies and Richard Smith. Common wax stamp seal. Witnessed by William Crowther Umbers, solicitor, Wolverhampton, J. Crowther Smith, solicitor, Wolverhampton and Eliza Farrell. Indenture of Re-conveyance indexed upon the back of the first membrane of the above Indenture made between John Parks and Richard Smith whereby the mortgage in the same property was re-conveyed to Richard Smith in consideration of £7000 paid to John Parks. Signed: John Parks. Seal, letters J.N. Witnesses: William Crowther Umbers, solicitor, Wolverhampton and John [Salve?] solicitor, Wolverhampton.