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Tanworth, Monkspath in


Gift from William, earl of Warwick to Roger de Hulehale for homage and service of all the land which he has from the boundary of Listerleia as far as Tralebroc and thence downstream to the River Blye and from the other side of the river as far as Deopewelle, and thence ascending from Deopewelle as far as Scelvesleiam, and from Scelvesleia along the grantor's boundary as far as Mildesmpre, and along the grantor's boundary thence to the highway from Burmingeham, and from the said highway to Monekespethe and from there along the highway to the bounds of Pakewode, and from the said bounds to Lysterleiam; with the further grant of the land in the vineyard at Warwick between the land of Alfwin le Furner and the land of Nicholas; to hold the same for the service of a fourth part of a knight's fee. Witnesses: Henry de Vilers, the earl's steward, Henry de Monte Forti, Hugh de Ardena, Nigel de Mondevile, Robert de Curli, Roger son of Ralph, Walter son of Gerard, John de Prestone, Robert Witeleia, Ivo de Hulehale, William de Bosco and Robert his son, Robert Archer (Arkario), Henry de Hulehale and Richard his brother, John Brulle, Ralph de Marra, Henry de Vilers, John 'albo agno', Thomas Marescell', Hugh son of William, Nicholas de Wileia, Roger de Castello, Alan the cook (coco), William Dagunet, William the clerk, William de Hulehale, William de Romeshoelle, Roger son of William, William Bernardi, Hugh de Abbadun and many others. Fragmentary seal on tag, sewn up in a canvas bag.