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Snitterfield deeds: Phillips of Welcombe


Indenture and two Counterparts of Assignment between Henry Denton of Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex, gentleman (limited Administrator de Bonis Non of the effects of George Neyle formerly of Grey's Inn but afterwards of Ippleton, Devon, gentleman deceased) of the 1st part, the Right Honourable George, Earl of Coventry of the 2nd part, Thomas Henry Graham of Edmond Castle, Cumberland esquire (eldest son and heir at law of Thomas Graham late of Lincoln's Inn deceased) of the 3rd part, Elizabeth Susannah Graham of Clapham Common, Surrey widow of the said Thomas Graham, Sir James Graham of Portland place, Middlesex baronet, the said Thomas Henry Graham, John Graham of Lincoln's Inn aforesaid esquire (younger son of the said Thomas Graham deceased), Charles Thomson late of Russell Square, Middlesex but now of Portland Palce aforesaid, George Kinderley of Lincoln's Inn gentleman and William Domville of the same place gentleman (residuary devisees and legatees, and also Executrix and Executors named in the Will of Thomas Graham deceased) of the 4th part, Robert Philips of the Park, Prestwich, Lancashire, esquire of the 5th part and John Barton Philips of Manchester esquire of the 6th part. Reciting DR38/132 and references therein, and Reciting DR38/105 whereby the said Earl granted to George Kinderley property described therein to the intent that a Recovery might be suffered in which William Domville should be Demandant to use of such persons as the said Earl should appoint to use of the Earl for life, to use of Countess Coventry or any future wife of the said Earl for life to use of the said Earl and his heirs for ever, and reciting DR38/115 whereby the said Earl appointed that the hereditaments referred to in DR38/115 should remain to use of William Bentham subject to a proviso for redemption and that Thomas Graham in pursuance of such appointment conveyed the said property to William Bentham subject to a proviso for redemption, and reciting DR38/120 whereby the Mortgage in the property referred to in DR38/115 was transferred by William Bentham to Thomas Graham, and reciting DR38/121 DR38/122, and Reciting DR38/124 and reciting Lease and Release dated 11th 12th July 1810 (DR38/119-120) and reciting that default was made in payment of interest to Thomas Graham by the said Earl and that Thomas Graham made his Will on 22nd June 1813 whereby he devised all his real estate to persons of the 3rd part upon trust for sale and Reciting that Charles Thomson and William Domville had proved the Will and reciting DR38/152 whereby the Earl of Coventry conveyed the whole of his estates with all appurtenances to Robert Philips and reciting. It was witnessed that in consideration of 10/- paid by John Barton Philips to Henry Denton he the said hen Denton by direction of the said Earl, Thomas Henry Graham, Elizabeth Susannah Graham, Sir James Graham, John Graham, Charles Thomson, George Kinderley and William Domville and upon nomination of Robert Philips assigned to John Barton Philips the three several terms of 500 years in the property referred to in DR38/132 in trust to attend upon the inheritance of Robert Philips. Signed: Henry Denton, Coventry, Thomas Henry Graham, E. S. Graham, James Graham, John Graham, Charles Thomson, George Kinderley and William Domville. Seals 1) a demi dragon, 2) the Earl of Coventry's seal. Witnesses: Edward Alderson 6, Lincoln's Inn, Meaburn Tatham 39, Lincoln's Inn Fields. And three drafts.