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Tanworth, Umberslade in


Gift from Waleran earl of Warwick to Seliid wife of Robert Archer of that land in Aeriard lying between the hedge (haiam) of Henry Lahetd and the brook of Aeriard in length from Langemede downstream to Froxlande, and also the land called Parva Bancroft which John son of Alard claimed; to hold the same rendering annually 6 pence at Michaelmas; and for this the said Seliid gives 10 shillings. Witnesses: Thomas de Estleg' steward, William de Arden', Ralph Silvan', Henry de Hulehal', Roger son of Ivo, Bernard, Watekin, Alan the cook (coco), Roger 'dispensatore', Roger the clerk, Richard, William de Huleh', William de Haia, William de Stodl' son of Walter, Godfrey de Stodleg', Simon the chamberlain (camerario), Peter Longus. Seal on tag, pink, large defaced fragment only. Endorsed: i) Carta Walerani comitis Warr' facta Seliid uxori Roberti Archer iuxta Bancroft ii) 4. of the fyrste rolle. Latin, parchment, 71/2 x 31/2 ins.