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Gift from Waleran earl of Warwick to Siward son of Ketelbern de Hulehal' of all that land in Thanewrth' which lies from the highway which forms the boundary between Than' and Aspele [Aspley Heath], down the hedge (haie) of Roger Theke to the River Blie, up the Blie to the hedge of John son of Alard, along the said hedge back to the said highway, and so by the highway to the hedge of Roger Theke; to hold the same rendering annually 2s 6d (2 terms); and for this the said Siward gives 60 shillings to the grantor and half a mark to the countess. Witness: Robert son of Henry, Ralph Selvan', William de Hulehal', Henry de Hul', William the clerk, Nicholas the clerk, Mathew de Bosco, Peter de Beauteserd, Bernard, Roger son of William, Robert Archer, Roger the clerk and many others. Seal on tag in natural wax, small defaced fragment only. Endorsed: i) Walrannus comes Warwyk ii) copied [SA]