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Gift with warranty from Henry earl of Warwick to Henry de la Le, for homage and service, of eight acres of land in Sponna in Taneworth' lying on each side of the little river between Calvesleiam, the road lying between Sponnam and the land which belonged to Thomas de Auckesawe, the great heath and the road which lies between Frid and Sponnam; to hold the same rendering annually 16 pence; and for this the said Henry gives one mark. Witnesses: John de Lodbroc', Henry de Thubbenay, William Archer, Thomas Peysun, parson of Taneworth', Peter de Valle, Ralph Britone, Robert de Hollenhale, Henry de Hollenhale, Ranulf 'palmario', Robert de Crowenhalle, John Archer and many others. Tag and seal lost. Latin, parchment, 63/4 x 31/2 ins.