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Gift with warranty from Gilbert son of Robert of Thaneworthe to William Archer, for homage and service, of nine selions of land in Harecroft, those namely lying together between the parcels of land of William Ruffus nearest the land of Warin Turnur; to hold the same rendering annually 1 penny; and for this the said William gives 4 shillings. Witnesses: Roger parson of Thaneworthe, Henry de Lea, Ralph Britun, Randolf 'palmerio', Randolf de Stodleia, Walter the clerk, Adam son of Pavy, John Archer, Roger de Sidenhale, John 'de cimiterio', Robert Dolfin and others. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: Carta ix selionum terre in Harecroft, illos scilicet iacentes inter parcellas Willelmi Ruffi prope parcellam Warini Turnor facta Willelmo Archer per Gilbertum filium Roberti de Taneworth' reddendo inde per annum i denarium ad festum sancti Michaelis Latin, parchment, 71/2 x 21/4 ins.