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Gift with warranty from Gilbert son of Robert to Robert son of Reginald, for homage and service, of a certain part of the grantor's land in Tanewrth', namely Hetbuttes extending to his meadow, and a croft of land called Walcroft', and all the parcels of land and meadow lying between the road and the cemetery of Tanewrth', except a certain messuage which the grantor gave to the church and a parcel of land lying on Willewrth', a parcel of land on Wethedies and a parcel of meadow in Longuemedue; to hold the same rendering annually 16 pence; and for this the said Robert gives 2 marks. Witnesses: Henry de Hulehal', William de Hulehal', William de Asceaus, William Archer (sagittario), Gilbert son of Siward, Brice the clerk and others. Tag, seal lost. Latin, parchment, 51/2 x 23/4 ins.