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Tanworth, ?Umberslade in


Quitclaim from John Archer to William Archer his brother of all that land in Thanewrth' called Hedcroft which his father Robert Archer gave him; and for this the said William gives 2 marks and half an acre of land in Acrethard extending from the stream (bache) of Wudewelle towards Maidecroftam. Witnesses: Robert Macro the steward of the earl, Roger parson of Than', Adam and Peter chaplains, John Durwassal', Henry and Robert de Huleh', Henry de la Le, Ralph Briton'. Seal on tag, circular, white. ?An insect. Legend: SIGILL' IOHANN[IS H] ARCARII. Endorsed: i) Carta de Hetheschrofte ii) Copied [SA] Latin, parchment, 63/4 x 4 ins.