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Gift with warranty from John Archer to John [his nephew] son of William the grantor's brother, for homage and service, of a certain piece of land called Dunnescroft with the adjacent meadow extending past Besceram which comes from the demesne of the earl of Warwick, past two willow trees as far as the old ditch, thence to the stream which comes from the pond (vivario) of the earl, thence rising past Eshulleschiche as far as the land called Moldecroft, thence to the land called Lulleham and thence to the land of William son of Roger de Coddebarue; to hold the same rendering annually 4 pence; and for this John the grantee gives 21/2 marks. Witnesses: Thomas Pessun parson of Taneworth', Robert de Hulhale, Richard Dispensar; Peter del Val', William de Wistanescrofte, Simon de Cherlecote, Herbert Dolfin, Roger the clerk and many others. Tag, seal lost. Latin, parchment, 43/4 x 3 ins.