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Gift with warranty from William Ruffus of Tanewrth' to William son of Warin, for homage and service, of a certain piece of land in Stonicroft and the whole meadow which the grantor held there, namely that piece of land lying between the land which Robert son of Basilia held and the land which Roger the reeve held, with the said meadow and hedge and all other appurtenances; to hold the same rendering annually 6 pence (2 terms); and for this the said William gives half a mark. Witnesses: Simon de Cherlecot', Henry de Wistanescroft, John de Nuttehurst, Roger his son, Richard de Hailes, William de Haveskessawe, Warin le Turnur, Nicholas de Vensawe, Walter the clerk and others. Seal on tag, oval, white, large fragment only. A chevron. Legend indecipherable. Endorsed: i) Carta Willelmo filio Warini de tenemento in Toneworth facta per Willelmum Ruffus. ii) Of the fyrst rolle iii) of ys ys drawn Latin, parchment, 81/2 x 2 ins.