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Gift from Henry earl of Warwick to William Archer, for his homage and service, of all the land with a messuage in Tanewurth' which Randolf son of Henry de la Hethe held of the grantor; to hold the same rendering annually 6 pence (2 terms); and in exchange William Archer gives to the said earl the land which he holds of Roger de Romeshull' for completing the earl's great park (vivarium) [? Recte 'fish pond'], namely the land lying between Portevayam and the little river of Molkeleia. Witnesses: Walter de Dayvill', John Durvassall', Henry de Tulbenay, Roger parson of Thanewurth', Robert de Hullehall', Henry de la Lel', Ralph Britun, R. parson of St. James, William the clerk and many others. Seal on tag, circular, white, large fragment only. A knight on horseback. Legend missing. Endorsed: i) Carta Willelmi Archarii facta per Henricum comitem Warr' ii) vid per annum iii) 11. Of the fyrste. Latin, parchment, 5 x 31/2 ins.