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Gift with warranty from Gilbert son of Robert to Ranulph 'Palmario', for homage and service, of all his land in Budecroft with the land which Nicholas Trages held of him; with the further gift of that part of his meadow in Langemedve which the grantor held of the earl of Warwick, and from his land called Helde [a piece of land] 121/2 perches in length and 3 perches in width at each end; to hold the same rendering annually 13 pence; and for this the said Ranulf gives 26 shillings. Witnesses: Thomas parson of Thannewrthe, Ralph canon of Stodl', the writer of this charter, Robert the chaplain, William Archer, Henry de la Lee, Ralph le Breton', Walter the clerk, John Archer, Robert 'magno' and many others. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: i) Carta Gilberti filii Roberti ii) Dominus Warr' iii) Of the fyrste rolle iv) Of ys ys drauwn Latin, parchment, 6 x 4 ins.