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Tanworth, Umberslade in


Gift from Waleran earl of Warwick to Seliid wife of Robert Archer of that land in Thanewrothe bounded by the dike of Lullenham ascending to Pirihulle and thence to the land of Ivo; with the further gift of that land in Acrearde lying between Stervenhalesich and the heath by ascent of the boundary of Apeltona (per assensum haie de Apeltona) and from the heath to the road from Wetedisse and along the said road to Stervenhalesiche, namely seven acres and one perch; also all that land in Acrearde called Bancrofte; to hold the same rendering annually 12 pence at Michaelmas; and for this the said Seliid gives to the grantor 10 shillings and to the countess Margaret 2 shillings. Witnesses: Nigel de Mundewilla, Roger son of Ralph, Roger de Hulehale, Henry de Mundevilla, Hugo son of William, Ralph Silvan', Guy de Oilli, William son of Richard, William de Hulehale, Robert de Bosco, Bernard, Roger son of William, Henry Pelokin, Roger 'venatore', Alan the cook (coco), Roger the clerk. John de Spernoure, John 'ianitore'. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: i) Carta facta per Waleran' comitem Warr' Seliide uxori Roberti le Archer' [JA] ii) 8. of the first rolle.