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Gift with warranty from Adam son of Pavy to Randolf 'palmerio' of Thanewrth', for homage and service, of those parcels of land in Bernethard which the grantor held of Henry de Hulenhale and two selions of land outside Stokimede extending from la Bottedegrave to Cocsuteford; also the four parcels of meadow belonging to the same holding on both sides of the water, the eighth part of la Stockimede, the eighth part of La Bottedegrave from under the hedge of Walter the chaplain, and five selions lying between Buri and the land of Alured Capping; to hold the same rendering annually 5 pence (2 terms); and for this the said Randolf gives 20 shillings. Witnesses: Roger parson of Than', Nigel the chaplain, Henry de Hulenh', Ralph de la Le, Henry de la Le, Henry son of Henry, Roger de Sidenhal', Nicholas de Munk', Herbert and Mathew son of Mathew, William Otard', Walter Otard', Roger Berner, Richard Tankard, William de Fasceas, Richard son of Henry and many others. Seal on tag, circular, white, imperfect. A fleur de lis. Endorsed: Carta Ada' filie Pavie facta Randolfo Palm' de tenemento de Berneyard quod tenetur de Henrico de Hulehal', reddendo inde per annum vd. Latin, parchment, 73/4 x 43/4 ins.