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Snitterfield deeds: Phillips of Welcombe


Copy of a Release of a legacy by Richard Skidmore of Snitterfield, yeoman and Mary his wife to Henry and Thomas Smith. Reciting the Will of John Walker (see DR38/295) and that Mary Townsend, sister of John Walker had three children to wit:- John Townsend, the said Mary, wife of Richard Skidmore and Anthony Townsend who were entitled to the residuary estate of John Walker which had realised £990 after payment of debts etc. which was then in the hands of Henry and Thomas Smith, Executors of John Walker. It was witnessed that Richard Skidmore and Mary, his wife being entitled to 1/3 part of such residuary estate released the said Henry and Thomas Smith, Executors of John Walker in consideration of £330 from all manner of actions, suits, Bills, Bonds, Damages claims and demands etc. Witnessed and attested by William Wilson and John Holmes.