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Snitterfield deeds: Phillips of Welcombe


Indentures of Lease and Release, the Release dated the 7th August 1782 between John Wheatley of Snitterfield, yeoman and Ann his wife of the 1st part, Elizabeth Wheatley of Snitterfield, spinster (daughter of the said John Wheatley) of the 2nd part, Thomas Hiron the younger of Alveston, Warwickshire, gentleman of the 3rd part and George Cooke of Whitnash, yeoman and William Freeman the younger, of Hidcote in the Parish of Mickleton, yeoman of the 4th part. Reciting that a marriage was intended between Elizabeth Wheatley and Thomas Hiron, it was witnessed that the property described in DR38/255 DR38/256 (except that upon two of the 13 closes of land which in 1776 were in the occupation of John Wheatley are described as 'a close with a newly erected tenement thereon, and another close with a windmill newly erected thereon' which messuage and windmill were in the occupation of Thomas Elmer and the closes in the occupation of John Wheatley) was conveyed by John Wheatley to George Cooke and William Freeman as Trustees of the Marriage Settlement, in trust for himself for life, remainder upon trust that Ann wife of John Wheatley should receive an annuity of £40 per annum thereout also portions of the first mentioned messuage described in DR38/255 DR38/256 with free access etc. thereto for life. Remainder in all the residue in trust for Elizabeth Wheatley for life. Remainder in trust for Thomas Hiron for life. Remainder in trust for the first or other sons successively in tail of the marriage. Remainder in trust for daughters equally of the marriage. Remainder to the right heirs of John Wheatley. Signed: John Wheatley, Ann Wheatley, Thomas Hiron junior, George Cooke and William Freeman. Seal: Greek man's head. Witnesses: William Tibbits junior, Robert .... and Thomas Nason of Snitterfield labourer. Lease dated 6th August 1782 by John Wheatley to George Cooke and William Freeman (as Trustees of the Marriage Settlement) of the same property for one year. Signed: John Wheatley. Sealed as before. Witnesses; Thomas Nason and William Tibbits junior.

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    6 Aug 1782-7 Aug 1782

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