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Lease with warranty from Simon son of Robert de Folewode of Toneworth' to Robert his father of a piece of land and meadow in the said vill extending in length from le Wodelond as far as the road leading from the house of John Austyn towards the wood of the earl of Warwick and in width between the said road and the land of John Austyn; to hold the same for life rendering annually 6 pence ( 2 terms) , with the reversion to the said Simon on the death of Robert. Witnesses: Henry de Sydenhale, Thomas Geryn, Adam Geryn, John Austin, Roger de Middelmor, Richard Aleyn, Richard atte Berne and others. Dated at Toneworth', Sunday after the Invection of the Holy Cross, 14 Edward III. Two tags, white fragment of seal 1 only remaining. Endorsed: Fulwoodes land by Austins (SA) Latin, parchment, 10.25 x 4.75 ins., indented.