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Lease for the lives of the lesses with warranty from William de Folewode the elder of Toneworth and Margaret his wife to William Jurdan and Margery his wife of a piece of land in Toneworth lying in breadth between the land of William de Folewode on the one hand and the land of Henry Zel on the other and in length from the land of John le Barton' as far as the highway leading from the house of John le Archer towards Henleye to hold for the term of their lives rendering annually 10 in silver at lady Day and Michaelmas in equal portions. Sealing clause. Witnesses: John le Archer, John de Barton' Richard atte Berne, Robert atte Bache, Henry Jurdan and others. Tag for seal Endorsed: [ in a 15th century hand] ? Dimicio Willelmi Jurdan Margeie uxoris eius facta per W Fulwock seniorem Margeriam uxorem eius de placea terrae iacente inter terram Seel terram prefati Fulwode anno Edwardi tercii xvj.