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Assignment of lease from Simon Larcher of Toneworth to Robert Larcher his brother of all the land and tenements which the said Simon held in Toneworth by lease from John Larcher the elder for the term of his life or for 10 years. To hold the same for the remainder of the said term according to the conditions set out in the said lease. Sealing clause. Witnesses: John Larcher, John de Barton', William de Folewode, Richard atte Bern, William Broun and others. Given at Toneworth', Wednesday on the Eve of the assumption of Our Lady 16 Edward III. Circular seal of brown wax on tag, incomplete. A lion rampant debruised by a shield of arms ? a martlet in the chief, three ? scallops in fess and three arrows heads pointing downwards in base. Legend: *S SIMONIS LE ARCHER Anglo Norman, parchment, 10 x 3 ins. Note; originally numbered 121, amended to 579 in pencil.