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Gift with warranty from Walter de Swannesdic' of Toneworth to John Larch' of the same of two pence rent which Thomas Wyston was accustomed to pay the grantor annually for a plot of ground with a certain ditchlying in Toneworth between le Halemedue and le Fiswere to hold the same foe ever annually at easter and Christmas with wardship, escheats, homage, allegiance, reliefs and all other appurtenances. Witnesses: Henry de Sidenhale, Robert de Crowenhale, John Ellis, Adam Geryn, John Broun and others. Tag for seal Latin, parchment, 9 x 6 Endorsed: (in a late 15th cent hand) Carta Walteri Swannesdick facta Johanni Archer de ipsibus denneriatis rdditis percipienditis de Thome Wystan' pro placea terae et fossat' facentibus inter le Halmedue et le Fysshewere cum custodies et aliis pertinenciis etc. anno Edwardi tertii xiiij in tr? ( in a late 15th century hand) 16 or 19 of the third rolle. ( 16th or 17th century hand) of ys ys drau'.