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Quitclaim with warranty from William Broun of Toneworth to John le Arche and John his son of the same of one field of [arable] land and meadow in Toneworth called Brounruydynge, lying in breadth between the land of the said John the elder on both sides and in length between Piryhul and the land of the said John called Bancroft. Witnesses: John de Lodbrok, Henry de Sydenhale, Simon le Archer, Robert de Folewode, William his son and many others. Green wax circular seal, trefoil with veined leaves. Legend: Endorsed: 1, Carta facta Johanni Archer et Johanni Archer filio suo. Anno 16 Edwardi 3 ( in the hand of Simon Archer). 2, Relaxatio Willelmus Broun facta Johanni l' Archer de Brounesrudyng anno Edwardi tercii xvj. ( in a late 15th century hand) Latin, parchment, 9.75 x 4.75 ins.