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Lease for life of lease from Thomas son of Thomas Durvassal formerly lord of Spernovere to William son of Robert Fulwode of Toneworthe of all the lands and tenements in Toneworth to hold the same with all groves, meadows, pastures, ditches, profits and appurtenances during the life of the said William, and also to have the right during the first year to cut down all trees suitable for firewood and to have the profit from the same, and to do the same during the term of his life without committing any waste or destruction, rendering annually for the said Thomas due and customary service to the chief lords of the fee and all intrinsic and extrinsic duties which the said grantor was accustomed to make for the said property. The said William was also to build within a term of the date of this lease in the said tenement a new house of four pairs of crucks and to pay all of the costs of the same. The said Thomas to have all the old houses new built in the said tenement, to pull down the same whenever he wished for his own profit, the said William to pay annually to the said Thomas 30s silver at the two terms of Whitsun and the feast of the St Andrew the Apostle in equal portions, the said Thomas to have the right to re-enter the said property if the said rent was unpaid or in arrears for 11 weeks after any of the said terms. Warranty clause, sealing clause. Witnesses: Henry de Sydenhale, John le Archer, Robert de Crowenhale, Robert de Fulwode, Richard ?Buws, Richard Aleyn, John Wodard and others. Given at Toneworth, Sunday next after the feast of the Translation of St Wolstan Bishop and Confessor, 20 Edward III. Endorsed: [In the hand of Simon Archer] Thomas Durvassal fillius Thome Durvassal domini Spernovere. Tag for seal Latin, parchment, 10.25 x 6 ins. Note; originally numbered 164.