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Agreement between William de Folwod' of Toneworth on one hand and John le Chauntor of Ollenhal' and John le Taylour of Henleye the younger on the other. Whereas the said William de Folwod' was bound to pay the said John le Chauntor and John le Taylour £20 on a certain day named in the bond at the church of Thoneworth', it is agreed that if they were able to obtain peaceful possession of one ?grove 'bargagium' of 30 oak trees growing within a tenement held in dower by Margaret wife of John de Barton in Thoneworth' which trees were to be marked with certain numbers, that then the said bond should be void but otherwise stand in full force. Tongue and seal lacking. Given at Thoneworth' Wednesday on the feast of All Saints, 20 Edward III. Latin, parchment, 10 x 2.5 ins.