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Gist with warranty from William Tenerey of Longe Eyton' to John son of Reginald Archer / Mallore of Tachebrok' of the following annual rents in Toneworth'; 20 shillings from a field called Grete Berford' Feld' lying between Fosshaw Clos and the lane leading towards the wood of the earl of Warwick in Toneworth', together with wards, reliefs, escheats and heriots etc., which field Robert de Fulwode and his son John, Simon le Reve and hugh de Lodbrok' parson of the church of Blaby hold; 10 shillings from two tields and a moor lying together, of which one is called Keweshull', held by Leticia late the wife of John Trages, and Alice and Joan her daughters for life, together with the reversion of the said property on their deaths: 6s 8d from a field and meadow lying together called Le Palmeresfeld' lying between Prattes Lone and the land which Margery Tove held, which croft and meadow John de Fulwode holds for life, with the reversion of the said property after his death; to hold the same of the chief lord of the fee. Witnesses: Sir John Perseval, lord of Aspeleye, knight, William de Oddingseles, Henry de Sidenhale, John le Archer, John ate Lee, Adam le Chaunter of Uluhale, John Hemery of Henleye and others. Dated at Botteleye, Monday next after the feast of St Clement, 6 Edward III. Seal on tag, oval, brown. A lion rampant. Legend: Endorsed: Carta de redditu de xxs exeunte de Berfordlond' et de xs redditus cum reversione exeuntibus de Keweshull' et Kynton' Feld et de una mora, et de vis viiid redditus cum reversione exeuntibus de Palmeresfeld'. Latin, parchment, 11.25 x 7.5 ins.