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Lease with warranty from William de Folewode son of Richard de Folewod' of Toneworth' to John Trussel son of John de Bartone, William de Folewod' son of Robert de Folewod' of Toneworth', and John de Bartone junior, of all the lands and tenements which John le Moul of Toneworth' once held in Toneworth' of the said Richard father of the said William de Folewod' in villeinage which descended to the lessor on the death of his father; to hold the same for the lives of the lessees rendering annually 8 shillings at Michaelmas. Witnesses: John le Archer of Toneworth', John de Barton' the elder, Simon le Archer, William le Archer, Walter son of Walter of Notehurst and others. Dated at toneworth' Wednesday next after Holy Trinity, 8 Edward III. Seal on Tag, circular, red. On a shield a cross flory within an invected edge, the shield surmounted by a ? tree and the whole within a cusped border. Legend: Sigill' Iohannis Trvssel. Latin, parchment 9.5 x 5.5 ins., indented.