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Counterpart of lease for the lives of lessees with warranty from Margerie de Yerderleye of Toneworth to William atte Mulne, Christiana his wife and Alice and Edith their daughters of a piece of land in Toneworth lying in breadth between the land of the lessor on the one hand and the land of Juliana de Sydenhale on the other and extending in length from the highway called Causyes'one as far as the garden formerly belonging to William de Sydenhale, the lesees to build a house on the said land at their own expense and to maintain it for the rest of their lives, to hold the same for the term of the lives of the said lessees rendering 12 pence annually at lady Day and Michaelmas in equal portions and heriot after the death of the last of the lessee. Sealing clause. Witnesses: William son of Robert de Folewode, Thomas Geryn, Richard Eode, Richard Prat, Thomas de Yerdeleye, John atte Coppe, Robert Notesone and others. Two tags for seals Endorsed: ( in the hand of William Hamper c 1814) T Latin, parchment, 9.75 x 5.5. Indented.