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Lease for the lives of the lessees with warranty from John Durvassel, lord of Spernouere to John Certis of Thoneworth and Christiana his wife of one plot of arable meadow and woodland with marl pits and all other appurtenances called Caluesleye in Toneworth lying in length between the land of Thomas de Yerdeley and the land of the said John Certis and in breadth between the land of John Dolfyn on the one hand and the land of John Reyngnal on the other to hold to the said John and Christiana for their lives with the disposal of all trees growing on the said land excepting the free trees [ liberas arbores] of oak and ?ash and the rendering 5 shillings annually in equal portions at the two terms customary in Toneworth and one heriot after the death of one of the lessees. Witnesses: Robert de Crowenhal', Richard Geryn, John Dolfyn, Thomas de Yerdeley, William Dolfyn and others. White wax seal showing an eagle displace with Endorsed: 1, Tanworth 2, Duruessale in Tonneworthe Latin, parchment 9.75 x 4.25. Indented