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Agreement concerning a bond and letter of account between John Husband, Knight, Lord of Ippesleye and William son of Robert de Fulwode. Where as the said William de Fulwode was bound to the said Sir John for £100 and for another £100 according to a letter of account , the said Sir John agreed that if the said William enfeoffed John Lylye parson of the church of Bourghbache [Burbage, Leics] and Robert de Fulwode vicar of the church of Toneworth of all the lands, tenements , rents, services and appurtenances which he held in Toneworth at the time of making this agreement, and if the said John and Robert re-enfeoffed the said William and Joan his wife of the said lands to hold the same for the term of their lives, and after his death to pass to Robert, son of the said William and Elizabeth his wife and their lawful issue. This foeffment was to be made for a fine levied in the court of Common Pleas before the following Whitsun at the cost of the said William so that if the said Robert and Elizabeth died without lawful issue the said property was to revert to the right heirs of the said William, and if the said William immediately upon the death of Robert his father enfeoffed the said Robert his son and Elizabeth his wife of all the lands and tenements with appurtenances which the said Robert his father held at the time of the making of this agreement, and if the said William amply provided the said Robert and Elizabeth his wife with food, clothing and other necessaries during their lifetime that then the said bond and letter of account would be void, but otherwise stand in full force. Witnesses:- Given at Ippesleye, Wednesday next after the feast of All Saints 19 Edward III. Endorsed: [in the hand of William Hamper c1814] T Circular seal of red wax on tongue, incomplete, 3/4 in. 'essant de lys within a decorated border on a shield, a chevron between three fleurs de lys coming out of leopards heads. See V.C.H. Warks III 125. Burke, Landed Gentry, 1937,1173 Legend: S'IOHANNIS HVBAVD Latin, parchment, 11.25 x 6.25., indented.