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Lease for the life of the grantor with warranty from Ranulph de Folewode of Toneworth', chaplain, to Henry atte Merch of Toneworth' of a plot of land called Sponnelond in Toneworth' extending in length from the land of the earl of Warwick called Wykerescote as far as Fekeslond and in breadth between Fekeslond on the one hand and Werdesworthe [P.N. Soc War. P378] on the other hand; to hold for the life of the grantor rendering annually at the feast of St Michael and the Annuniciation of the Blessed Mary, 2 shillings and 8 pence. Dated at Toneworth', Sunday before the feast of St Margaret the Virgin, 26 Edward III. Witnesses: John de la Lee, Richard le Turnour, John le Seel, John le Mulewood, Roger Pouel and others. Tag for seal. Endorsed: [15th cent] Sponland Sponlond' [SA] Sponeland Iuxta Bikerscote late Chantery land now Mr Raunces land lying by Bikerscot and Weisworth now called Prest fyldes. Latin, parchment, 10 x 4 ins.