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Quitclaim from Richard atte Berne of Thoneworth' to Thomas Larcher of the same, of a plot of land in Thoneworth' called Cotecroft extending in length from a certain lane leading from Hethcroft towards Brun'usgrene as far as the land of the said Thomas and in breadth between the land of the said Thomas one the one hand and Brun'usgrene on the other; to hold the said land free from any claim of ejection or sale by the grantor. Dated at Thoneworth', Sunday after the feast of St Hilary, 23 Edward III. Witnesses: Richard Stapulton', John Iudden, Richard Collines, Nicholas atte Wyle, William Broun and others. Tag and fragment of seal enclosed in casing. Endorsed: [late 15th cent] ?R cotte crofte Tonworthe Latin, parchment, 3.5 x 7.25 ins.