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Lease with warranty from John atte Lee of Toneworthe to John Haselholt of Henleye of one field called le Monkecroft and another field called le Morecroft' with two adjacent crofts above le Monkecroft; to hold from the feast of the purification of the Blessed Mary for one whole year in 42 Edward III [ 2 February 1368/9] ; after one year the said John Haselholt was to hold from the said John atte Lee the field called le Morecroft with two adjacent fields above le Monkecroft for one further year. Dated at Toneworthe on the day mentioned above. Tag for seal. Witnesses: John Joby of Henleye, John Haselholt the younger, John Scriptor and others. Latin, parchment, 8.75 x 3.5 ins., indented.