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Demise for life with warranty from Thomas Larcher of Thoneworth son and heir of John Larcher of the same to Elen la Fauconere of Melchbourne and Juliana her sister of a messuage with adjacent croft lying next to Pirihul, which property was formerly held by William Larcher, uncle of the grantor, also a field called Bernecroft' lying in breadth between the field of Pirihul on the one hand and the land of William Broun on the other and in length between the said field of Pirihul on the one hand and the land formerly belonging to Simon Larch on the other; to hold rendering annually due and customary service to the chief lords of the fee and 12 pence annually to the grantor [ 2 terms]. Sealing clause. Dated at Thoneworth, Wednesday after the feast of St James the Apostle. Witnesses: Richard atteberne of Thoneworthe, Thomas atteberne, Richard Broun, William Broun of the same and others, Fragment of white wax on tag. Endorsed: 1,Carta Facta perThomam fillium et herdem Johannis Larcher de messagio cum appurtinenciis quondam Willelmi Larcher avunculi sui [15th cent] 2, 11 of the second rolle [early 16th cent] Latin, parchment, 10.5 x 3 ins.