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Gift from Robert de Crowenhale to Edith, widow of Richard le Taillour of Monkespath of a messuage and two fields with appurtenances in Toneworth' except one fishery with pond with free entry and exit to the same in the said tenement, which said messuage and fields the said Robert formerly held by the gift and feoffment of John son of John le Smyth of Monkespath. The sadi Edith and her heirs to hold the same for ever from the chief lords of the fee for due and customary service. Warranty clause from the said Robert to the said Edith to acquit the said Robert of all customary exactions demands due to the chief lord of the fee upon the said fishery with pond [ vivario cum staung?] Given at Toneworth the Wednesday next before the feast of St Luke the Evangelist, 30 Edward III. Witnesses: John Elys, William Gower, Edward Middelmor, Simon Waryn, Richard Russel and others. Red wax seal, vesiea, two kneeling figures in prayer one above the other, seperataed by the branches of a tree, Legend: Latin, parchment 8.75 x 4.75 ins. Indented.