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Lease of wardship and marriage with warranty from Thomas son of John le Archer to Edward de Middelmor of Taneworth' of the custode of the land of James Broun in Tanewor', together with the marriage of Sarah, daughter and heir of the said James, until she came of age, for which he has paid a certain sum; to hold the same until the said Sarah came of age, rendering annually the due and customary rent. Dated at Taneworth', Tuesday after the feast of St Lucy the Virgin, 27 Edward III. Witnesses: Robert de Crowenhale, John Elys, William Gower, Simon Waryng, Richard Russel and others. Red wax circular seal; 3 ?ears of corn [/burrs] above, ? a hare salient between two heads facing in profile. Legend: +FAUS : AMIE : SEIT : HONIE+ Endorsed: [late 15th cent] anno Edwardi tercii xxvij Toneworth' . Custodia terrarum etc, Sarrae filiae et heredis Jacobi Broun' Latin, parchment, 9.5 x 4.5 ins. Indented.