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Lease for the lives of the lessees from Henry de Sidenhale of Toneworth' to Thomas de Kyngton of the same and Edith his wife of a tenement with croft and adjacent curtilage which the said Thomas held by demise from Henry de Sidenhal' father of the grantor in Toneworth' lying next to a tenement lately belonging to William de Grete; to hold for their lives rendering during the life of the said Thomas one rose at the feast of the Nativity of St John the Baptist, one heriot on the death of the said Thomas, after this the said Edith to pay 4 shillings either of silver or gold each year [ 2 terms] and one heriot to be paid on the death of the said Edith for all services; the said Thomas and Edith to be responsible for the maintenance and repair of a house built on the said tenement but to have the right to cut, fell and crop the undergrowth and crops growing on the said tenement, croft and curtilage during their lives, the said Henry to have the right of distraint upon the same if after the death of the said Thomas the said rent is not paid within three weeks of the said feast days or there is any waste in the tenement, croft and curtilage. Dated at Toneworth', Monday on the feast of St Bartholomew, 40 Edward III. Witnesses: John de Yeuelschawe, John Wareyn', John Judden, John Abel, William le Smythe and others. 2 circular seals of white wax. Latin, parchment, 9.25 x 5 ins., indented.