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Lease for the lives of the lessees from John de Wynterton' of Thoneworth to John Eliot and Matilda his wife of a piece of land with appurtenances together with a lane giving free entrance and exit to the same, the land being called Popelote from land [called] Hayhis lying in length between land [called] Rodbournelond on the one hand and the meadow formerly belonging to Richard Geryn on the other, and in breadth between land formerly belonging to Thomas Willius on one hand and the wood formerly belonging to William ____ on the other. To have and to hold the same during the lifetime of the said John and Matilda together with the trees growing on the said land excepting twelve trees of the better kind which the said John de Wynterton and his heirs should be free to take when they chose, rendering annually 12d to the said John de Wynterton and the two terms in equal portions. If the said land and lane were held beyond the said term 40s silver annually was to be paid to the said John de Wynterton or to the wardens ' custodibus' of the church of the Blessed Mary in Thoneworth' at the two terms. Warranty clause, sealing clause. Given at Thoneworth' on the feast of St Bricius the Confessor, 31 Edward III. Witnesses: Dom Henry [ le Gardiner or Wolfingdon?] vicar of Thoneworth, John ? Edmon of the same, Thomas Folewod' of the same, Simon le Pene of the same, John de Folwod' and others. Tag for seal. Endorsed: [In an Elizabethan hand] Richard Geryn Wyntertons Indentura de Wyntertuns. Latin, parchment, 8.75 x 5.25 ins. Indented.