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Lease for the lives of the lessees with warranty fro Henry de Ullenhale of Toneworth' to John Code of Aspleye and Margery his wife of a cottage and curtilage in Aspleye called Hawkesplace; to hold for their lives rendering 2 pence annually [2 terms] to the guardians of the lights of the Blessed Mary in the church of Toneworth' for all secular services; the said John and Margery also to maintain the house on the said cottage as well or better than as on the day of this charter; if either of the said rents remained unpaid three weeks beyong the said terms the lessor to have right of distraint. Dated at Aspleye, Sunday on the feast of St Peter ad vincula, 41 Edward III. Witnesses: Thomas Larcher, Richard de Montefort', Henry de Sidenhale, Richard Gower, Thomas atte Berne and others. Tag for seal. Endorsed : [15th cent] Indentatur Latin, parchment, 12.25 x 4.75., indented.