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Counterpart of grant with warranty from Thomas le Archr' of Tonworth' to Richard Dolfyn son of John Dolfyn of Tonworth' and John Dolfyn smith, of the same by which, since upon the death of John Dolfyn the elder who held land from the said Thomas le Archr' the wardship and marriage of John son and heir of the said John Dolfyn passed to the said Thomas, this wardship and marriage the said Thomas now granted to the said Richard and John Dolfyn together with control of all the land belonging to the said John; to hold together with ponds, rents and all other services until the said John attain his majority; if the said John were to die under age the said grantees were to have wardship of Alice, sister of the said John, with the control of the said land until she reached her majority or if she too died under age the grantees were to have the wardship of Margaret sister of the said John under the same terms; the said grantees to render due and customary service to the chief lords of the fee and maintain the houses and tenements in good repair making no waste during the said term; the said Thomas also granted the marriage of the said John if he lived to be of age or if he died the marriage of the same Alice and Margaret in the same manner. Sealing clause. Dated at Toneworth', Thursday on the feast of St Thomas the Martyr, 36 Edward III. Witnesses: John Sperarr', Robert de Crowunhale, Richard Gower and others. On a broad tag slit to take two seals, fragments of two seals sewn into linen bags. Endorsed: [15th cent] anno Edwardi tercii xxxvi Toneworth' carta custodiam terrarum heredum Johannis Dolfyn' Latin, parchment, 10.75 x 5.25 ins. Indented.