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Lease for 6 years from John de Fulwod', son of William de Fulwod' of Toneworth to Richard de Mountford and Rose his wife of four fields with meadow in the said fields with hedges ditches pertaining to the same, which fields and meadows lie between the road from Codbarough towards Henleye on the one hand and a lane leading towards toneworth mill on the other. The said Richard and Rose and their assigns to hold the same for 6 years beginning at the feast of the Purification of Our Lady next, the said John to re-enter at the end of the said 6 years without any disturbance. The said Richard and Rose were not to till the said fields with any plough during the said term except for the field called Buccokefeld this at the proper season cut and prune all manner of wood according as they wished except oak [hok] ash [hasch'] maple [maple] and crabtree [crabtre] and to make sufficient hedges to enclose the said fields and meadows. Warranty clause. Given at Toneworth, the Monday next after the feast of St Martin, 43 Edward III. Witnesses: Thomas Larch'r, Henry Sidenhale, Thomas atte B[er]ne, John Yeel, Mathew de Caus and others. Tag cut away, no seal. Endorsed: [15th cent] Mou[n]ford [William Hamper] T Anglo-Norman, parchment, 11 x 7 ins, Indented.