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Gift with warranty from John son of William de Folewode of Toneworth' to Richard del Heth' of Solihull' of a triangular messuage in Toneworth lying in length and breadth between the land of the said Richard called le Parrok and two lanes, one leading towards Bentfordmelle and the other towards the church of Toneworth'; to hold from the chief lords of the fee for due and customary service, rendering annually to the said John 6 pence in silver [ 2 terms], the said John to have the right of distraintif this rent was not paid on the said terms. Dated at toneworth', Sunday on the feast of St Scholastica the Virgin, 40 Edward III. Witnesses: John de Folford', Nicholas de Brochurst, Henry aleyn of Solihull', Thomas atte Berne, Richard Dolfyn and others. Circular seal of natural wax on tag, incomplete, 3/4 in. Endorsed: [early 16th cent] Carta Ricardi del Heth' de Solihull' uno messuagio in Toneworth' percipiendum de predicto Ricardo j.d. ad feast vsuales. Anno Edwardi tercij xl Latin, parchment, 9 x 4 ins., Indented.