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Lease for the life of the lessee with warranty from John de Folewode of Toneworth', son and heir of William de Folewode, to Mathew de Caus of Toneworth' of all lands and tenements in Toneworth' which Robert le Moul of Toneworth lately held in Toneworth'; to hold for the term of his life, rendering annually 20 shillings in gold or silver [2 terms] and heriot upon the death of the said Mathew; the said Mathew was not to lease any part of the said lands without the permission of the said John and if the said rent was in arrears in part or wholly beyond one month after the said terms or if the said Mathew leased all or part of the said lands without permission, the said John was to have the right to re-enter the said property. Dated at Toneworth', Sunday after the feast of All Saints, 45 Edward III. Witnesses: Thomas Archer, Henry de Sydunhale, Thomas atte Berne, Thomas Colyns, John Sel and others. Tag for seal. Latin, parchment, 10.75 x 5.25 ins.