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Gift with warranty from John de Yeuelshawe of Toneworth' to John de Follewode, son and heir of William de Follewode of Toneworth' of 1 penny annual rent to be taken from one croft in Toneworth surrounded by the highway on each side and lying inlength and breadth opposite the house of Richard Colines towards the field of Henry de Sidenhale called Swanesdich'heth [ 2 terms] ; to hold for ever with the right to distrain the said lands if the said rent was in arrears beyonf three weeks of any of the said terms. Dated at Toneworth', Monday after the feast of the Purification of the Blessed Mary, 48 Edward III. Witnesses: Henry de Sidenhale, Thomas atte Berne, Thomas Colynes, Richard Colynes, geoffery Judden and others. Tag for seal. Latin, parchment, 11 x 3.5 ins.