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The contemporary copy of the will of Thomas Larcher of Toneworth. The said Thomas bequeaths his soul to God, the Blessed Mary and to all saints and his body to be buried in the cemetery of Toneworth. He bequeaths all his goods and movable chattels to John Charueles, lord of Snakeston [ Snarestone, Co Leicester] and Margaret [?his wife] to pay his debts and to be distributed as seems best for the good of his soul. He bequeaths to his son Gilbert three marks annual rent from lands and tenements and rents of the said Thomas ? until the said Gilbert comes of age. He bequeaths to his wife Margaret the lordship of Ouerton [ Cold Overton, Co Leicester] to hold the same without any waste. He bequeaths to the altar of St Mary of Toneworth 20/- and to the Cathedral Church of Worcester 13/4 Given on the Thursday, next after the feast of the Translation of St Thomas the Martyr. Endorsed [ late 15th century] copia testamenti Thomas Archer anno domini MCCC/xij facta [In the hand of William Hamper circa 1814 in pencil] 1372 Latin, parchment 10.125 x 3 ins.