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Lease for 275 years from Dom Richard de Holte of Ouerwetakere, chaplain and Richard de Holte of the same the younger to Thomas de Folewode of Toneworth' and Joan his wife of an acre of land with appurtenances as they were built at le Wodelond' in Toneworth' formerly leased by the said Thomas de Folwod' to the said lessees for 275 years, lying in breadth between the land of Thomas le Arch' on the one hand and the highway leading from the park of the earl of Warr' towards the church of Toneworth on the other, and in length from the said park towards the land of the said Thomas le Arch'; to hold for 275 years rendering to Thomas le Arch and his heirs 6 pence [ 2 terms] and two suits of court annually upon reasonable summons and heriot as often as it falls due; if the said Thomas and Joan died within the said term the said lands were to pass to the rightful heirs of the said Thomas in their entirety for the remainder of the said term to be held of the said Thomas le Arch' as above. Dated at Toneworth, Sunday on the feast of St Stephen, 41 Edward III. Witnesses: Dom Henry, vicar of the church of Toneworth', Dom Ranulph de Folwod', chaplain, William Wodard', John le Croweleye, John Dolfyn, fabro and others. Circular seal of red wax on tag, 3/4 in, a shield within a shield shaped cusped borde, charge defaced. Endorsed: [15th cent] Carta endentatur una acra en l'Wodelond' cum pertinenciis facta Thomam de Fullewode de Toneworth' reddendo annum Thomo l' archer capitali domino vjd' cect cur 1 herriet' qu' acciderit c Toneworth anno Edwardi terci xlvj mo Latin, parchment, 11 x 5.75 ins., indented